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Individualized care to meet your specific health goals.

Chiropractic care focuses on removing interference from the nervous system.

The nervous system is the master system that controls every cell, organ, and tissue within the body. By locating and removing interference through gentle, specific, chiropractic adjustments, the body has the ability to health from within.

A husband and wife holding hands with their two children, walking down a sidewalk.

Family Wellness

We see patients of all ages from newborn on. Pediatric adjustments are extremely gentle and effective.

Chiropractic care focuses on removing interference from the nervous system and restoring proper alignment to help the body function optimally. We believe the entire family deserves to feel and function at their best!

A baby sleeping on a bed.

Prenatal care

Chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy helps to promote a healthier more comfortable pregnancy for mom and baby. The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy that can lead to discomfort. Dr. Hollie is certified in the Webster Technique.

Maintaining spinal alignment can lead to a safer, more comfortable delivery. Benefits of care may include; relief from low back and pelvic pain, more restful sleep, improved immune function, relief from nausea, reflux, and digestive discomfort.

A pregnant woman, holding her stomach.

Intersegmental Traction

This relaxing therapy rolls up and down the spine exercising muscles and ligaments as well as stimulates important acupuncture points to promote healing.

Needle-less Acupuncture

Stimulation of specific acupuncture points releases endorphins in the body which aids to reduce inflammation and promote the healing process. Dr. Hollie primarily uses electric acupuncture, a non-invasive approach to this ancient form of natural healing.

Digital X-Ray

Depending on your specific health condition and age, films may be taken on your first visit. This state of the art technology allows Dr. Hollie to further assess your specific condition and get down to the “root cause” of your health concerns.